A Simple Solution to a Severe Problem

Surgin’s Hemorrhage Occluder™ Pin with applicator is a simple, well-documented solution to stop presacral bleeding quickly and effectively. Designed by Jeffrey W. Milsom, MD of the Weill Cornell Medical Center, the Hemorrhage Occluder Pin is indicated for the control of localized severe hemorrhage of the presacral area during pelvic surgery2. The 7mm shaft of the Hemorrhage Occluder Pin is ridged for more secure placement in the sacrum. Since its introduction in 1993 it has saved thousands of lives3.

Each Hemorrhage Occluder™ Pin is preloaded in an easy-to-use applicator. The long handle of the applicator is malleable and provides the surgeon with optimum visibility for precise pin placement at the bleeding site. Each Pin is preloaded in its own applicator, individually packaged and sterile.

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